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ARL Group is a combination of three packaging related companies operating in Sri Lanka. The Group was established in the year of 2008 to address the increasing demand for Packaging solutions throughout the country. Our head office is in Colombo while service and storage facilities are located in Colombo suburbs.

Why choose ARL Group?
Over 10 years Experience
Confident that we offer you a packaging related service and product based on technical excellence, industry-specific knowledge and more than 10 years of experience.
Efficient After Sales Service
We provides qualified after sales service on-site and supply spare parts for our packaging machines, also can be arranged for regular maintenance.
We Value Our Customer Satisfaction
To provide you a better experience in using our products, our marketing experts always understand the growing needs of our customers using various surveys.
Agent for World Class Manufacturers
As we agent for world-class agents worldwide, we always supply the best machines for our customers to fulfill their unique requirements.
Friendly Technical Support
Our technical support help team always standing by to provide assistance whenever you need. Over the past few years, they were able to resolve the majority of issues over the phone.
Our eco-minded thinking plays a major role in supplying products to our clients, while we always strive to supply products that are energy-efficient and recycling in mind for greater human health.
Our Main Services
Packaging Machines Supply
Packaging Machines Supply

We offer a complete line of hand tools, semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic strapping machines. Our products provide outstanding reliability, reduce maintenance cost.

Hot Melt Adhesives
Hot Melt Adhesives

ARL adhesives are sure to meet your application requirements.
Supplier of Hot Melt Adhesives, Water-Based Adhesives, and Adhesive applicators. With over 30 years of experience in the adhesives industry.

Packaging Material Supply
Packaging Material Supply

Our custom packaging boxes are designed to match various companies and brands to pack their items within the boxes. The boxes designed with excellent dimensions of shape, style, sizes, beautiful designs.