Book Binding

Book Binding

  • Spine gluing for perfect binding
  • Tipping / side gluing

We manufacture both permanent and fugitive hot melt adhesives.

We have just the product to match your specific applicator, signature stock, finished product requirements and operational demands like open and set times.

Your machines will require less cleaning because our products reduce stringing, cobwebing and the formation of threads during application.


Produces many grades of side and spine glue for bookbinding applications. Each grade performs well on either newsprint, wood-free, or art papers, and each can withstand handling during shipments across the globe. We are the first choice for printers who want nothing less than quality glues for their bookbinding needs.

Our spine glue performs well with a variety of machines, provides good flexibility and elasticity, and retains firmness long after the books have been used.

The heat stability, good hot tack and low odour properties of our bookbinding glues, as well as the easy cuttability (no stringing) and reduced bubble formation during application allow for a hassle-free, clean working environment. Our premium adhesion side-glues with their long open time are also suitable on a range of machine speeds.


Also produces light-color and low-odor fugitive hot melt, a low-tack adhesive that produces a removable, non-permanent bond. Fugitive hot melt are widely used for sample attachment on magazine, brochure, and credit card affixing. This product provides temporary tack adhesion and will not damage paper or other substrate surfaces. It is clean and easy to remove to showcase the perfect presentation.