Wood Working

Wood Working

  • EVA-based hot melt adhesives can be used to bond variety of materials including MDF, particle board and all type of hard and soft wood as well as plastics and metals.

    Because of its unique performance features like high tack and fast set times, easy-to-use hot melt adhesives can streamline your assembly processes and save you money.

    These environmental-friendly, multi-purpose adhesives are ideal for a very wide range of woodworking applications.


    We provide a number of special polymer adhesives with excellent green strength, adhesives performance and a range of viscosity to suit your particular application.  Our adhesives meet the specific requirements of modern-day edge banding techniques and equipment.


    Our hot melt adhesives can be used in furniture assembly processes to bond wood, plastic and metal components.

    Our adhesives can also complement traditional woodworking glue to increase production speed and result in significant savings.  For instance, in a speaker box construction, there is no need for traditional joint clamping if you supplement traditional glue with a hot melt adhesive.

    Our strong and durable adhesives are:-

    • Easy to work with.
    • do not require special operator protection, and
    • safe for the environment.

    Wherever you need a fast-setting, high-tack adhesive in your production, we can supply you with the best product and support you with the best service. All at an economical price.